Books and Papers Published

Owen Dahl is the author of several top selling titles on various aspects of medical practice and business management. He authored "Think Business! Medical Practice Quality, Efficiency, Profits SECOND EDITION", "The Medical Practice Disaster Planning Workbook", and co-authored "Lean Six Sigma for The Medical Practice" and "Integrating Behavioral Health into The Medical Home: A Rapid Implementation Guide".

He has also written many articles and papers for the countries leading professional associations, scholarly journals such as The Journal of Medical Practice Management®, and trade magazines such as MGMA Connexion, Physicians Practice.

Think Business 2nd Edition by Owen Dahl and Greenbranch Publishing   Lean Six Sigma by Owen Dahl and Greenbranch Publishing   Medical Practice Disaster Planning by Owen Dahl and Greenbranch Publishing

Integrating Behavioral Health into The Medical Home

Additinally, Mr. Dahl has been publishing in the following periodicals:
  • August 2012 “What’s your plan for managing your most valuable asset – employees? MGMA Connexion
  • March/April 2012 “Twelve Points Leading to Improvement of Patient Collections” Journal of Medical Practice Management
  • February 2011 “Paying for Performance” MGMA Connexion
  • April 5, 2011 “Lean Management for your Practice” Physicians Practice
  • November/December 2011 “Now you know your ACO’s” MGMA Connexion