Making Positive Changes in Your Medical Practice

Medical practices will soon face a major change in the way they do business. The deadline for implementation of ICD-10 is less than two months away. This is just one of the many regulatory changes practices must comply with, to stay current in the policy landscape. Instead of dreading "change," how about thinking about it in a different way? You are not changing, your practice is "transitioning" to a new way of doing things.

Lean Theory Hits the News

The lean management process has been featured in the news media recently as a result of recalls from Toyota Motor Co. In some ways, the company’s production success made lean concepts popular. And while issues have become apparent, the only news regarding lean is the violation of its principles, not the principles themselves.

With Project Management, Follow-Up is Key to Successful Processes

It seems that managers are always putting out fires or working on new ideas that are sure to revolutionize the practice. These are called projects – an event with a beginning and an end, whereas processes are continuous. The patient visit is a process since there is a continuous flow throughout the day. To fix a process, managers embrace the concept of project management.

Effective Cost Management for Your Medical Practice

The cost of doing business in a medical practice has always intrigued me. For years, the business side of medicine has focused on building revenue while still prioritizing effective customer service and quality patient care. However, with the changing reimbursement scene, it seems that efficient cost management should come to the surface as a key issue for the stability and survival of the practice.